Wailing Wall

Year Completed: 2000 & 2009
Dimensions: 10’ x 20’ x 3’
Media: 780 Kleenex tissue boxes

This work plays upon the interaction between human body and architecture; it frames the social context and effects human behavior. As people enter the space, they see the massive wall confronting them. But as they approach, the materials are revealed and the opportunity to grab a tissue comes into play. The over abundant amount of tissues exaggerates the sufferers lament. The absurd idea of needing all those tissues to deal with some huge burden is ridiculous. With an apparently endless supply, there is a real compulsion to pull out the tissues. The work is serious and plays with pun, space and social interaction.

Installed in the EFA Project Space for the exhibition Never Late Than Better featuring artists who tweak the vagaries of reality and consider the laws of time and physics as an aesthetic.