Fax G-D

Year Completed: 2006
Dimensions: 3’ x 5’ x 4’
Media: Fax machine, cubicle desk, digital prints, fax forms, paper, pens

It is a centuries-old tradition to place a note with a prayer or request in the Western Wall (also known as the Kotel). Mystical tradition teaches that all prayers from around the world ascend to the Wall, from where they then ascend to heaven. Viewers are invited to sit in the cubicle and fax a prayer. The 24/6 fax service in Jerusalem will receive the messages and send runners to place them in the cracks of the Wall. The most commonly requested prayers involve overcoming personal adversity: illness, infertility or finding a mate. I wanted to create a cubicle Kotel, a facsimile that connects the fast pace, multi-tasking, technological society with spirituality.