Home Run – Touch Down

Year Completed: 1998
Size: Small
Media: Cotton shirt, Velcro game boards, plastic Velcro darts

These costumes worn during a performance at a party utilize sport thematic target boards to engage the participants in tactual interplay. “Home Run” utilizes the language of baseball to inscribe the body with words like home run, foul and strike. “Touch Down” utilizes the language of football to inscribe the body with words like touch down, penalty and field goal. The language of the game adds additional fodder to the performance, evoking an emotional response that is both personal and vulnerable. The inscribed instruction on the body to touch and play sets up a situation within a social context and provokes an interaction. Of course there are certain social and psychological consequences with this type of physical contact. A challenging and difficult piece to perform as the person in the costume as well as the ‘player’ are both placed in an awkward situation.