Crying on Cue

Installation: Video
Year Completed: 2000
Media: 2 TV monitors, 2 VCR’s, 2 eight-minute looped videos.

Over indulgent feelings are reenacted in “Crying on Cue” which is set to the aria Addio del Passato from the opera La Traviata. In this two channel video piece, the monitors are stacked. The subject is crying profusely in the top monitor. The emotion is disconnected from the rest of the body by tightly framing the eyes within the square screen. The eyes are directed downward toward the second monitor in which hands are chopping onions. In opera, the narrative (love, misunderstanding, sacrifice and death) is inextricably connected to the music. The lyrical expression of overwrought emotion is highly exaggerated. The music functions as an emotional trigger mechanism. Crying from an onion is different from an emotional response to a tragedy, yet the physical response is the same.